We provide the following Professional Cleaning Services


* Carpet Cleaning of Houses and Offices
* Cleaning of Mattresses
* Cleaning of Partitioning

* Cleaning of Rugs

* Upholstery Cleaning

  - Couches

  - Chairs

  - Lounge Suites

  - Dining Room Chairs

  - Office Chairs

  - Lazy Boys

  - Artificial Grass


Method and Cleaning Process:


1.  Water and cleaning solution jets into the carpets.

2.  The vibrating brush agitates carpet back and forth 3450 times per minute. This breaks soil loose and polishes each carpet fibre to a clean brilliant finish.

3.  Powerful suction from our unique Machine extracts hot water and loosens soil out of your carpet and into our waste tanks (90% of the water is extracted from the carpets)

4. Estimated drying time for the carpets and upholstery is 2 - 3 hours depending on the weather condition